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Since 1988, the Powers Museum has been serving Carthage, Missouri, as a local history museum with a variety of programming and rotating exhibits.

Powers Museum is OPEN through Labor Day weekend Tues.-Sat. 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. See Schedule page for hours/openings for fall season.


SUMMER PROGRAMS Free admission but donations appreciated!

August 23 -- 1930s New Deal Projects in Carthage by Michele Hansford (including info on The Living New Deal national database)

September 20 -- Encyclopedia of the Ozarks, NEW BOOK by Larry Woods (Author will hold book signing after his program.)

2015 Schedule

New Research Access Policy: Use of any research materials stored on site requires advance appointment and payment of research fee. Only a few items housed in the meeting room are available for free walk-in, self-directed use during public hours (if there is no special program scheduled for multi-purpose meeting room/reference library room on day of person's unscheduled visit).

Also, on-site personnel will not be able to assist walk-ins with use of accessible materials except to answer a few basic questions and point out suggested resources on library shelves.  Researchers who need staff assistance for use of available resources in meeting room/reference library area beyond ten minutes should make a research donation of $5.00 in the museum's donation box.

Anyone desiring access to vertical files, former exhibit materials, archival collections and/or access to collection artifacts -- all stored in non-public areas and requiring advance preparation to present to researchers and insure a work space is available for your use -- must make advance appointments at least 2-3 weeks in advance of visit and pay a research fee ($15.00) at the time of appointment.

For more information and/or to make appointment, contact museum by phone 417-237-0456. No appointments are available September 28-30. Please phone or email for black-out dates in October or beyond.)

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